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Name:Rosetta Stone
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At the end of the 13th cycle of war, Cid of the Lufaine broke his longstanding neutrality as an observer of the Conflict of the Gods. In teleporting the Warriors of Cosmos away, he denied the dragon Shinryu his feast of their experiences and memories, breaking the pact. The Great Dragon was enraged, as was Chaos, who realized that Cid was seeking his death to end the cycles.

Thus a new agreement was entered.

Chaos would relinquish his remaining strength to Shinryu, who would in turn punish Cid for his duplicity. Cid was cast into a Nightmare Realm, an alternate world where Cosmos never won the 13th Cycle, and the Conflict continued to rage on. With each cycle, Cosmos would continue to lose strength and Chaos would gain more and more power.

Welcome to the 14th Cycle.

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